Who we are…

Smoke Rings Cigar Bar began with the vision of its owners – Tom Trella, Bob & Laurie Veet and Michael Barletta. We feature a full bar, a walk-in humidor of premium cigars and an outdoor patio. Our focus on service and quality products is designed to ensure our customers enjoy every minute they spend at Smoke Rings!!

Smoke Rings, approximately 3000 square feet, is modern and new, but the atmosphere harkens back to Hazleton’s blue-collar industrial roots. The heritage of this area is built on hard work, and Smoke Rings honors that heritage with a factory-style motif. At the same time, we feel that there is a need in this region for a nice, modern place to relax and savor good times with a cigar or drink.

What we do…

Provide our customers with a unique social experience…combining the look of our factory-style atmosphere with the taste of our specialty cocktails and the smell of a fine cigar.

Together, the Smoke Rings owners have decades of experience in the food service and cigar industries. They combine the expertise acquired from each of those backgrounds to present Smoke Rings “…a Unique Cigar Experience!”

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