Perdomo Factory Tour

A group from the Cigar Box & Smoke Rings experienced the PERDOMO Factory tour in Esteli, Nicaragua from January 12-16, 2016. We’ll be posting a lot about what we learned on this amazing trip! Truly, when you see everything that goes into these cigars made at every stage by hundreds of hands – which we’ll document in posts and videos -smoking a cigar will never be the same! Here’s a short video overview .

From Left: Nicholas Perdomo, Cigar Box/Smoke Rings owners Bobby Veet, Michael Barletta, Tom Trella; and Nick Perdomo Jr. (Owner Perdomo Cigars)

3 Comments on “Perdomo Factory Tour

  1. I love the factory tour line of cigars they released last year! The actual tour itself would be so cool to do sometime!


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