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Perdomo, Esteli and Nicaragua 101

Perdomo Cigars is a family-owned company created and led by Nick Perdomo.  Its headquarters is in Miami with the entire cigar-making process – from seed to boxing – occurring at the Tabacalera Perdomo operation in Esteli, Nicaragua. Here’s a quick dive into some background… Continue Reading “Perdomo, Esteli and Nicaragua 101”

Enjoying a Cool, Slow Burn

Did you ever look at a premium cigar? I mean, really look at it? The complexity of this hand rolled piece of art is amazing. A cigar is made up of three major parts: wrapper, binder and filler and each piece of the puzzle… Continue Reading “Enjoying a Cool, Slow Burn”

Go Big or Go Home

If it’s bigger, it’s got to be better!  That mindset has been entrenched in consumers’ brains year after year from marketing company after marketing company, no matter what the product. So it’s no wonder that the trend for a more robust and larger cigar… Continue Reading “Go Big or Go Home”

From Start to Finish

Premium Cigars are among the few items that truly are “all natural”.  There is no chemical treating, they are free of dyes, and no ripening accelerants are used. Those sweet and spicy flavors occur naturally in the tobacco leaves.  Premium Cigar Manufacturers let nature… Continue Reading “From Start to Finish”

Super Cigars from LFD

Are you ready for some football??!  La Flor Dominicana certainly is with their Super Bowl cigar! Even though the Vikings won’t be playing in this year’s game, the fans of this host state can enjoy a special cigar while watching the big game. LFD… Continue Reading “Super Cigars from LFD”

The Top 25 Cigars of 2017

Really? Only 25?!! How can they choose? With so many premium cigars on the market, manufactured by well established companies, many generation after generation owned, choosing the top 25 is a task that I’m sure any cigar lover would endure.  Fortunately, Cigar Aficionado has… Continue Reading “The Top 25 Cigars of 2017”